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Anonymous asked: Hi, i have only been into this fandom for little over a month, and I´m trying to find out about Louis and 5SOS. Has he invested money in them or was it just that he discovered them? I think i read something about it somewhere.



I’m sure a 5SOS fan could probably add tons more details to this, but here’s what I know.

On 6 Nov 2012, Louis tweeted this:


As is mentioned on their own wikipedia page, while they had been gaining steam and building a significant fanbase all on their own, this tweet significantly increased their international following. 

Was that tweet just their lucky big break? No. A little bit of digging shows that it was a calculated move. 

Backing up a bit, a month an a half prior a company called One Mode Productions Limited was formed. According to their publicly available legal filings, their declared business category is “Support activities to performing arts” 

You’ll notice that their Board of Directors consists of Louis, and Liam as well as Will Bloomfield and Richard Griffiths from Modest. (Alan McEvoy, as far as I can figure is an entertainment lawyer or maybe accountant who likely set the company up and then “resigned” a week later)

In my googling, I also came across this page that shows not just the BOD, but the entire shareholder group for the company. And guess what? All five boys, both heads of Modest and Will Bloomfield are all shareholders in whatever properties this company owns. 

So now the question is, what properties does One Mode Productions Limited actually own? Would you take a look at this!

So ok, at first glance, OMPL appears to own the 5SOS logos for merchandise. But when you click onto one of those more details boxes, You get a better view of the scope of what OMPL has an actual stake in, and wow, it’s a LOT, and it’s not just merch.

So did Louis discover them? Maybe, maybe not. They were clearly already “discovered” well before he tweeted about them. There are numerous reports online of the 5SOS boys finding out that Louis tweeted about them and them being surprised, which while cute is clearly bullshit. They had already set up a deal with One Mode Productions a month and a half before that tweet happened.

As for the question your question wondering if Louis has a financial stake in 5SOS? Absolutely unequivocally yes. In fact, all five boys have the same exact size share in them. 


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Harry’s story about Niall 23/5

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